CeReNeM Postgraduate Newsletter [May 2016]

This newsletter is a platform for PhD music students at the Centre of Research in New Music (CeReNeM), University of Huddersfield, to share their recent music activities and upcoming work.

A special mention this month goes to Hali Santamas who recently passed his PhD. Hali primarily works with digital sound and still image, evoking memory through affective atmospheres. The maximal aesthetics of Idris Khan, Swans, Mark Rothko and Tim Hecker are key influences on his creative output which is characterised by its layered, processed and abstracted use of recorded time. His most recent creative and theoretical works explore the conceptual space and queer possibilities that arise from the temporal friction between digital sound and still image. See more at Hali’s website: http://hali.io

Elías Merino



Elías has recently released an album entitled ‘initial suppressions’ (limited signed edition 1 copy) on renowned record label Leerraum. The album will be presented on the 22th of May in multichannel, in a [ ] leerraum showcase with Zimoun, Richard Garet, D’incise, Janiv Oron, Yuzo Kako and Colliding Fields. Organised by CT::SWaM. New York City. https://www.facebook.com/events/241302709578278/

Elías also performed alongside Tomoko Sauvage at FUSE artspace (Bradford, UK) http://www.wearefuse.co/project/106/tomoko-sauvage-elas-merino/ – And performed at Medialab-Prado (Madrid, Spain) http://medialab-prado.es/article/encuentros-avlab-abril-mayo-y-junio

Upcoming performances include:

May: ‘Study #04 for Indivisible Streams’ a one speaker eliaswfs1sound installation at Sound and Sculpture Conference (Huddersfield, UK).  More info: https://soundandsculpture.wordpress.com/schedule/

May-June: ‘Hypergradients’ (in collaboration with the visual artist Esstro9) is a 2 channel audio + 2 channel video installation as a part of the exhibition ‘Estado_Abstracto’ (Guadalajara, Mexico).

June: A 10 day funded artistic residency as guest composer at EMS Elektronmusikstudion. (Stockholm, Sweden) http://www.elektronmusikstudion.se/news/2016/637-elias-merino-ems-15-25-june-2016

July: ‘The Nothing, Seeking answers: Indivisible Streams.’ A one speaker sound installation at Cafe OTO. (London, UK.), see website: https://www.cafeoto.co.uk/events/the-nothing-seeking-answers-indivisible-streams/

September: A 10 days funded artistic residency at Game of Life in the Wavefield Synthesis system (The Hague, The Netherlands).

Eva Sjuve


04-isea-main7Eva has been invited to present a research paper, “Noise in the Clouds”, at International Computer Music Conference, ICMC16 in Utrecht, 12th – 16th September 2016

Eva will also be presenting the paper, “Noise in the System: Noise in the Clouds” at International Symposium of Electronic Arts, ISEA16 in Hong Kong, 16th – 22th May 2016. http://isea2016.isea-international.org/

A recent article in the University of Huddersfield news talks about Eva Sjuve’s work at ISEA as well as another of our PhD researchers, Jung In Jung.


Rodrigo Constanzo


Rodrigo recently performed at the Borealis festival in Norway. See info: http://www.borealisfestival.no/2016/en/



Here is a blurb about the performance from the website:

Rodrigo Constanzo is all about playing some pieces for you.
He wants to play you some loud pieces, with flashing lights. As well as some quieter pieces, that are charged with a simple stillness.
Constanzo plans on using the following: a drum (maybe even a drumset), some tuning forks, an old computer hard drive, a variety of metal objects and sticks and some digitally controlled lights.
At some point in the middle you may find him singing quietly to himself. He is alone on stage, so no one will hear him.
It is unlikely that he will travel through time tomorrow (/yesterday?), but do not worry. It is (/was) all worth it.

Photos from the performance/space.




Pablo Vergara


Pablo will be participating in the summer festival “Composit 2016” ( http://composit.org/ ), in Rieti, Italy, where his piece “Ohne” will be workshopped and performed by the MDI Ensemble ( http://www.mdiensemble.com/en ), among other activities such as colloquiums, concerts and lessons.

Clara Maïda



1)  April 8-10, 2016: TRINITY COLLEGE Dublin, Ireland

International Conference “DELEUZE + ART – Multiplicities / Thresholds / Potentialities

Clara MAÏDA – Lecture – April 9, 2016: “From a Formless Ground to a Restless Sound – Virtual/Actual/Musical: Degrees of Power and Diagrams of Matter”


2) February 2016: Clara MAÏDA – Coming out of the article:

“Chocs et entrechocs, analyse et catalyse” (“Shocks and Knocks, Analysis and Catalysis ») in SUPERFLUX n° 8/9 (Review of Psychoanalysis, Editions L’Unebévue, Lacanian School of Psychoanalysis, Paris).

Acts of the colloquium MUSIC AND PSYCHOANALYSIS at IRCAM in January 2015: “Correspondances musiciennes et création musicale” (“Musicians’ Correspondences and Musical Creation”)


3) January 2016: Clara MAÏDA – Coming out of an interview with Christine FISCHER (artistic director of Eclat festival and Neue Vocalsolisten vocal ensemble) in the book published by the Kulturamt Stuttgart: “60. Kompositionspreis 2015 Stuttgart – Jubiläum 1955-2015”


Next Events:

1) June 2016: RADIO FRANCE – Alla breve

Premiere and broadcasting of Web-wave for violin, viola, prepared harp and piano, and electronics (2nd part of the series Web-studies)

Commissioned by RADIO FRANCE-Alla breve.
Residency at ART ZOYD (Valenciennes-France) and CESARE (Reims-France). Laureate of the HORS LES MURS Programme of the Paris French Institute 2012.

2)  July 11-13, 2016: UNIVERSITY ROMA TRE, Italy


Clara MAÏDA – Lecture: “Sound rhizomes – Virtuality and actualizations: music and its multiplicity of sound becomings”


3) PROXIMA CENTAURI ENSEMBLE – Marie-Bernadette Charrier (saxophonist), Bordeaux-France

Commission of Later bluffer for solo saxophone and electronics


David Pocknee & Michael Baldwin’s WEISSLICH concert series

Huddersfield PhD composers, Michael Baldwin and David Pocknee, and Bath Spa PhD composer Louis d’Heudieres have been busy running their nights of experimental music and performance art, WEISSLICH. 23 April saw them put on their 6th concert at Hundred Years Gallery in Hoxton, London, which featured performances by themselves, Ben Jameson, Neil Luck, Solomiya Moroz and Mark Knoop, playing pieces by G Douglas Barrett, Carolyn Chen, Cathy van Eck, Ben Jameson, Neil Luck, and Solomiya Moroz.


[Image: WEISSLICH’s Louis d’Heudieres, David Pocknee, and Michael Baldwin performing Carolyn Chen’s /Adagio/ at Hundred Years Gallery]

This was followed the next week on 30 April with their first concert in Manchester at Nexus Art Café, which featured works by G Douglas Barrett, Carolyn Chen, Eleanor Cully, Cathy van Eck, Louis d’Heudieres, Andy Ingamells, Solomiya Moroz, Maya Verlaak and Jennifer Walshe, and performances by Baldwin, Pocknee, d’Heudieres and Andy Ingamells, Solomiya Moroz, and Maya Verlaak.

The next WEISSLICH will be on 23 July back at Hundred Years Gallery. More information on the events and featured artists can be found at http://www.weisslich.com

CeReNeM Postgraduate Newsletter [November 2015]

This newsletter features the recent achievements from our PhD composition students at the Centre of Research in New Music (CeReNeM) at the University of Huddersfield.

Last week, Professor Peter Ablinger (University of Huddersfield) and Professor Winfried Ritsch (Institut für Elektronishe Musik und Akustik, Graz) brought their computer-controlled/robotic piano ‘RHEA’, famed for Ablinger’s ‘Speaking Piano’ project, to the UK to work with CeReNeM postgraduates.

A brief online documentary was made by filmmaker Angela Guyton, which allows you to see inside both the processes and products of these workshops and RHEA’s week-long residency at CeReNeM.

See the video here:

Contributors to this month’s newsletter are from: Pia Palme, Lawrence Dunn, Ben Potts, Clara Maïda, Sebastien Lavoie, Tadej Droljc and Diego Castro Magas.

News From Our Composers:

Pia Palme

Pia Palme’s new work for four voices, MORDACIOUS LIPS, TO DUST was premiered by the ensemble EXAUDI at The Warehouse, London, on 17th October 2015. The work was part of an initiative by ‘Sound and Music’ called ‘Profile’ – An artist development programme: http://www.soundandmusic.org/resources/opportunities/2014/call-portfolio-exaudi

Link to the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/960684940660147/

An interview with project mentor Laurence Crane about her piece can be found here:

In October, Pia was awarded the prestigious Outstanding Artist Award in Music 2015 of the Austrian republic, in recognition of her overall compositional work and with special mentioning of her experimental requiem BARE BRANCHES from 2012 (from festivals Wienmodern and e_may).

Recent performances include a commission for ensemble including a wind-machine and text VOM RAUSCH IM SCHWARM which was premiered by ensemble Reconsil, and the collaborative performance Punctuated sound, patterned on silence, which was shown at Echoraum Vienna and Festival VLNA Bratislava (plus Austrian Cultural Forum).

More details can be found here: http://www.vlna.sk/vlna-nazivo-2015/

Pia developed the piece with vocalist Claudia Cervenca, Margarethe Mayerhofer-Lischka (double bass) and the German accordion-player Anja Kreysing. The artists work around the theme of punctuation, following a concept which Pia developed in spring of 2015. She uses punchcard rolls, as knitting machines, to look closely at compositional structures of patterning and singularities, in the context of her investigations into internal and external noise. Pia first implemented this theme for a commission for Ute Wassermann in March 2015.

In Pia’s lecture-performance at Goldsmith’s in June, she also talked about punctuation and explained her phenomenology of composing. Close-ups of punched patterns and projections of punchcard rolls are featured in a video:

Further details of the work:


Pia’s work is now also featured in the British Library Collection, see under NEW VOICES 2015:


Lawrence Dunn

Lawrence Dunn presented a paper at the 15th International Conference “Principles of Music Composing Phenomenon of Melody” at the Lithuanian Composers’ Union, on 14-16 October 2015. His talk was entitled “Melody in Experimental Music: An Excursion” and was a discussion on Harry Partch, Christian Wolff, Martin Arnold, Cassandra Miller, Laurence Crane and Rytis Mazulis.

Further details of the conference:

Click to access MKP%202015_programos%20lankstinukas.pdf

Ben Potts

Ben Potts created an installation and presented a paper for the INTIME 2015 conference at Coventry University on 24-25 October 2015. The conference was titled: ‘Landscapes and Environments: Experimentation and Transformation in Sound and Music’

Further details:


Clara Maïda

Clara Maïda will be giving a lecture and a concert at the International Conference on Deleuze and Artistic Research called “The Dark precursor” November 9-11, 2015, at the ORPHEUS INSTITUUT, Ghent-Belgium.

The lecture will be on November 10, 2015, at 16:30 and is entitled: “For A Nanomusic – ’Sound Desiring Machines’ and Multiple Time”

The concert will be on November 10, 2015, at 18:45 and the piece is entitled DOPPELKLÄNGER – for solo prepared and amplified piano  (commissioned by the Berliner Künstlerprogramm of the DAAD, 2008) with pianist Jan Michiels.

DE BIJLOKE MUSIC CENTRE – KRAAKUIS: http://www.debijloke.be/concerts/outlandish

Sebastien Lavoie

Sebastien has been invited to present his work in Portugal at the festival Dias de Música Electroacústica. He also was selected to perform during the last Computer Music Multidisciplinary Research (CMMR) symposium in Plymouth. Recently, he attended “LOOP”; a summit for music maker organized by Ableton in Berlin, Germany. He is now looking forward for his next presentation for one of his piece at the Festival MANCA in Nice, France.

Tadej Droljc

Tadej Droljc presented his work at the Earzoom/#MTF Central festival on 18th-21st September 2015 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. He  presented his tool called Stringvencer which is a physically based graphical sequencer that alters temporal relations in pre-made musical sequences. The grid on which musical events are attached is a soft body that can topologically morph or disintegrate. It allows user to morph between free and metric paradigms. The development is still in progress.

See the video demonstration here:

Tadej is also exhibiting a neuro-bio feedback loop based interactive installation called ‘Synergy’ at the gallery Kapelica in Ljubljana and at the festival Kunigunda in Velenje.

“Synergy is a neural machine prototype for intra-brain communication. Users are able to reprogram their brain via brain-computer interface. Synergy’s audiovisual object reflects the user’s brainwave activity as well as their interaction with their partner in the machine. Synergy as neural machine invites the users to become present in the ‘here and now’, as this is the only way they are able to control it via neuroheadsets that measure their brain electrical activity – EEG. In the neurochamber the users connect to the machine as a neural impulse generator and ignite an infinite neuro-bio-feedback loop that can reprogram our neuroplastic brains by experiencing and controlling two responsive audiovisual objects in a virtual 3D space. Audiovisual convergence or divergence reflect synchrony or asynchrony of brain waves generated by two users, through which they learn and develop their synergetic potential, their ability for cooperation and harmonization, which is essential in the evolutionary pressure of current geopolitical situation.”

Concept, programming, visualisation and sound design by Tadej Droljc.

See further details here: http://kersnikova.org/synergy/

Diego Castro Magas


October 20, 2015 – Guest seminar in the Contemporary Music Research Centre at the University of York. Rymer Auditorium, 4pm.


November 9-11, 2015 – Paper/performance in DARE 2015 (Dark Precursor: International Conference on Deleuze and Artistic Research) on Aaron Cassidy’s The Pleats of Matter, alongside the composer.


November 17-23, 2015 – World premiere of Pedro Alvarez: New Forms of Asymmetry (2015), for guitar and ensemble, as part of Ensemble Interface UK-tour: Manchester, Leeds, London and Huddersfield.



November 20/23, 2015 – Performances with Ensemble Anomaly (alongside Alex Ward, guitar) in hcmf//2015: Derek Bailey’s realization of Stockhausen’s Plus-Minus for two guitarists and four electric guitars and world premieres of Bailey’s solo guitar pieces.



New CD for Huddersfield Contemporary Records (HCR) and launch concert at hcmf//2015

Thanks to the support of HCR and the Researcher Development Fund from the University of Huddersfield, Diego recorded last summer a solo guitar CD including pieces by Matthew Sergeant, Bryn Harrison, Michael Finnissy, James Dillon, Brian Ferneyhough and Wieland Hoban.

There will be a launch concert at hcmf//2015: http://hcmf.co.uk/event/show/520


CeReNeM Postgraduate Newsletter [August 2015]

This newsletter features the recent achievements from some of our PhD composition students at the Centre of Research in New Music (CeReNeM) at the University of Huddersfield. Contributors to this month’s newsletter are from: Rodrigo Contanzo, Eva Sjuve, Pablo Vergara, Michael Baldwin and Clara Maïda.

Rodrigo Constanzo


Composer and drummer Rodrigo Constanzo recently performed a concert at the Manchester Jazz Festival using his dfscore (dynamic networked score) system. The dfscore system is a creative tool for communicating commands to musicians through digital devices. Using graphic, visual or written cues, new music is created instantaneously by improvisers, simply following the instructions appearing on screen in front of them as they play.  Rodrigo performed with this system along with leading improvisers: Richard Craig flute, electronics, Sam Andreae tenor saxophone/electronics, Alex Harker and Anton Hunter guitars/ electronics, Pierre Alexandre Tremblay bass/electronics and Richard Knight electronics. There was also a world première of a work commissioned especially for mjf 2015 in collaboration with Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival.


Rodrigo has also develop a new piece of software based on a gaming controller which has gained some attention. It’s called the Cut Glove and it’s a live-sampling and processing patch that contains mappings based on video game mechanisms and metaphors. See more about the research that went into the project here: http://www.rodrigoconstanzo.com/2015/06/cut-glove/

And here is a performance video of the software in action:


Eva Sjuve

Eva will present her project Metopia at International Symposium of Electronic Arts (ISEA) 2015, the theme is Disruption and will be held on August 13-18 in Vancouver, Canada – see more detail here: http://isea2015.org/

She has also been invited to participate in Mobile Audio Fest 2015 on November 19-22, in Aix-en-Provence, France. Mobile Audio Fest is a symposium run by the research group Locus Sonus, audio in art: http://locusonus.org/


Pablo Vergara


Pablo had a premiere of a piece in the city of La Serena, Chile on August 6. It was a commission for the woodwinds of the Symphonic Orchestra of La Serena, specifically for 2 flutes, bassoon and trombone. The work was performed as part of the orchestra’s concert season, alongside pieces by Villalobos and Stravinsky. The title of the piece is escritos diferidos.




Michael Baldwin 

Michael has recently undertaken a project of learning and devising performances of Charlie Sdraulig’s solo voice piece, few. He has written about his engagement with the piece, produced a video of few and conducted an interview with the composer, all of which can be found on the following page dedicated to the project’s documentation.

In July, Michael gave his second performance of Luke Nickel’s [factory] as part of WEISSLICH III at the Hundred Years Gallery in London. A video of his performance, along with a short description of the work and an interview with Hundred Years Gallery’s venue director Graham MacKeachan can be found here.

[Photo by Dimitri Djuric]

Upcoming activities include travel to Miami, Florida in September to participate in a series of concerts entitled Rock, Paper, Scissors, held at Audiotheque at Art Center South Florida in Miami Beach. The series is curated by composers Robert Blatt and Jorge Gomez Abrante and consists of three concerts highlighting the experimental music tradition’s predilection for utilizing unconventional instruments. Each concert (Rock ConcertPaper Concert and Scissors Concert ) will use the material in its title as a musical instrument. Michael has been commissioned to write a piece for Scissors Concert and will be participating as a performer in all three concerts.

In October, Michael returns to England to prepare for two performances of Beavan Flanagan’s solo voice piece no sweeter sound than my own name, written specifically for, and in collaboration with, Michael. Performances will take place as part of the INTIME 2015 symposium in Coventry (23rd October), and WEISSLICH IV at the Hundred Years Gallery in London (31st October). Ongoing developments can be found on the following page dedicated to the project’s documentation.


Clara Maïda

Below is Clara’s recent creative work in English and French:

Barbicania is film by / un film d’ila bêka & louise lemoîne
and will be presented at / est présenté à doku.arts, berlin
Clara Maïda’s piece holes and bones / ma pièce holes and bones
is included / est incluse
in the night section of this movie about the barbican (london).
Dans la section nocturne de ce film sur the barbican (londres).

Barbicania is a video diary of a month-long immersion in the life of the Barbican, From the top floors of the towers to the underground levels of the arts centre. An intimate and lively map of this brutalist masterpiece. First presented at the barbican, London, on October 23, 2014 Bêka partners:


Recording / enregistrement :
Accroche note ensemble, musica festival, Strasburg, 2002.
Ensemble accroche note, festival musica, strasbourg, 2002.
Commission / commande 
by the French ministry of culture / ministere de la culture & accroche note)

CeReNeM Postgraduate Newsletter [April 2015]

As always there has been plenty of activity within the CeReNeM post-graduate community. While this newsletter only represents a part of what goes on at our University, it does show the depth and scope of the work produced here. Below you will find the details of the recent achievements as well as upcoming talks, performances, successful grants, installations, details of new compositions and collaborations in a range of diverse areas. Contributors to this month’s newsletter include: Pia Palme, Linda Jankowska, Clara Maïda, Diego Castro Magas, Jung In Jung, Jorge Boehringer, Eleanor Cully and Daniel Portelli (me!).

We also welcome the release of the fifth issue of the CeReNeM Journal edited by David Pocknee. Editors of submissions were done by David Pocknee, Beavan Flanagan & Braxton Sherouse, graphic & web design by Ana Lemnaru, with contributions from Michael Baldwin, Eleanor Cully, Beavan Flanagan, Alex Grimes, Phil Maguire, Pia Palme, David Pocknee and Daniel Portelli.

Link to Journal: cerenem.ricercata.org

News from Composers:

Pia Palme

In March, Ute Wassermann premiered her piece ‘Patterns to punctuate song, with darkness’ for voice, electronics and a scenic element, commissioned by the renowned festival Salzburg Biennale. The festival had a focus on vocality this year. The scenic element is a punchcard score, which she made during the compositional process. It defines action with a throat microphone which Ute is handling during the piece.

Pia has been working on a another work with EXAUDI and Laurence Crane as part of the Portfolio opportunity. Pia says she has enjoyed working with them and that the piece is evolving. The second rehearsal and workshop phase is in April, in London. Pia wrote: “I find it interesting to have so much time to work on something, to be able to put a sketch aside and then resume the compositional process, to be able to try out things before finalising the piece.”


Linda Jankowska

“Its fleece electrostatic” video has been selected as a finalist of The Engine Room International Sound Art Competition and will be presented in the exhibition. The prize winners will be announced at the private view on the 11th of May. The public exhibition takes place at Morley Gallery, London, from 12 May – 12 June 2015.  For links to the video visit her website: http://lindajankowska.com/news/ – and for more information about The Engine Room see: http://www.morleycollege.ac.uk/morley_gallery/whats_on/2473_morley_gallery_the_engine_room


In May Linda will be going to Chicago to work on a project with Katherine Young. This trip was enabled by the Santander Student Mobility Scholarships available to support short study visits to other institutions, particularly those in the QS Top 500 or those in the Santander Global Universities Network – http://katherineyoung.info

Linda will also be giving a talk for the Composition Colloquium at Northwestern University, on the 26 May, along with Professor Aaron Cassidy who will give talk on 19 May.

Clara Maïda

Clara received a Berlin Senat Composition Grant, for her project Lostery, with Theo Nabicht, for contrabass clarinet, electronics and a visual installation. The composition and realization of the installation is by Clara Maïda.

A new performance of Clara’s work Doppelklänger will be performed on April 25th, 2015, for solo prepared and amplified piano Fabra&Coats – 22:00 – Piano: Lluïsa Espigolé at the Mistur Festival in Barcelona – http://mixturbcn.com/en/programacio-2015/ – Individual courses are available for young composers, with master classes for composition.

Clara will also be the guest professor of composition at Escola Superior De Musica De Catalunya, in Barcelona, 2nd semester of 2015 – http://www.esmuc.cat/

Diego Castro Magas

On the 20th February, 2015 Diego premiered Professor Aaron Cassidy’s The Pleats of Matter, for solo electric guitar at Electric Spring Festival in Huddersfield. 

Diego also gave a paper about Walter Benjamin’s concept of historical time in Brian Ferneyhough’s guitar music at the Orpheus Institute, Ghent, on February 25-26 2015.  The context of the seminar was: ‘The Making of Musical Time: Temporality in Musical Composition and Performance’. He also played Ferneyhough’s Kurze Schatten II for solo guitar. More info: http://www.orpheusinstituut.be/en/events/the-making-of-musical-time-temporality-in-musical-composition-and-performance

And on April 23rd, 2015 he gave a Lecture-recital in University of Leeds: On Brian Ferneyhough’s Kurze Schatten II and its ‘auratic’ quality in interpretation and performance – http://music.leeds.ac.uk/events/music-research-seminar-diego-castro/

Jung In Jung

Jung’s dance and sound collaboration ‘Thermospheric Station’ was selected to be part of xCoAx 2015 conference, titled: ‘Computation, Communication, Aesthetics & X’ and will be held on the 25-26 June in Glasgow. Professor Monty Adkins will also be presenting an installation work. Below is some information about the conference:

“xCoAx is meant as a hub for the exchange of ideas and the discovery of interdisciplinary and international synergies, with the participation of a diverse confluence of computer scientists, media practitioners and theoreticians working on the frontiers of digital arts and culture. Our focus has always been on critical and stimulating intersections: between the computable and the uncomputable, the communicable and the incommunicable, the chaos of creativity and the rules of algorithms, the human and the machine, in a constant search for new directions in aesthetics” – http://xcoax.org/

Jung In Jung

Jorge Boehringer

Jorge’s solo project (Core of the Coalman) continues to evolve and unfold with recent performances at Wharf Chambers in Leeds, and very special performance at Fuse Gallery in Bradford celebrating the opening of the exhibition Canvas, in which he performed a set of entirely new compositions for solo performance on a variety of electronic and acoustic instruments.

A small selection of recent drawings, sculptures and sound art works will be exhibited beginning May 4th in Huddersfield’s Unit 9 Gallery in the Market Walk Arcade.  This is part of a group show including other artists from the area, some of whom also attend CeReNem: Beaven Flanagan, David Pocknee, Eleanor Cully, Charlotte Cullen, Kashika Ashley Cooper, and Dex Hannon also will showcase recent work in this show. The exhibition, Discrete Positions, lasts until May 14.

This summer promises several concert appearances and the presentation of new works as a solo performer and in collaboration with others.  May 1st is the first concert of a new duo project with Eleanor Cully.  Festival Romance presents a songs about whales, warewolves and milkmen in a fictive folk tradition, and will open up a concert for Cathy Heyden, Roger Smal, and local electronic musician Daniel Thomas at the cavernous Todmorden Unitarian Church.  May 14th and 15h see Jorge performing solo in Manchester and Bristol, and then in June the following dates are confirmed for a concert tour featuring the Irish Band Woven Skull with whom Jorge is a frequent collaborator.  Jorge will perform on these dates both as a soloist and with Woven Skull.  Local musician Sofie Cooper will also perform on these concerts:
5th June – MANCHESTER, Fuel Cafe with Jon Collin
6th June – GLASGOW, The Old Hairdressers
7th June – EDINBURGH, Henry’s Cellar Bar
8th June – GATESHEAD, The Old Police House
10th June – NOTTINGHAM, Rammel Club, The Chameleon Arts Cafe
11th June – TODMORDEN, Golden Lion. Woven Skull “big band” supporting Eternal Tapestry
12th June – BRADFORD, Fuse Art Space

a1991572021_10.jp     10628622_10152665133931216_3134910103922620817_n

Daniel Portelli

Daniel has been commissioned to write a new piece for an Edgar Varese honorary concert, where he will write for the same  instrumentation as Ionisation, to be performed in Barcelona in February 2016.

His recently completed choir and ensemble work Animal (2015) had its world premiere at the Samstag Museum in Adelaide, Australia on the 16th April, 2015.

Art and Performances in Huddersfield

Discrete Positions presents an assemblage of Huddersfield-based artists working across different media including sculpture, site-specific installation, painting, drawing, sound art and performance who have come together through the shared space of NYA’s Huddersfield studio to present their individual works within the context of a collective exhibition. In doing so they will generate reflective exchanges, beginning a conversation between different concepts and practices and initiating critical dialogue across Huddersfield’s rich spectrum of artistic activities.

Featuring: Kashika Ashley Cooper, Jorge Boehringer, Charlotte Cullen, Eleanor Cully, Beavan Flanagan, Dex Hannon and David Pocknee.

The opening day will feature a free lunch time concert from the London Contemporary Orchestra Soloists beginning at 1.30pm, on the 4th May. The LCO Soloists draws together principal players from the London Contemporary Orchestra for intimate performances of contemporary chamber music. This performance will feature string players Galya Bisengalieva, Mira Benjamin, Robert Ames and Gregor Riddell as soloists and together in a string quartet. The performance will explore an eclectic mix of sounds and styles to complement the Discrete Positions art exhibition – https://www.facebook.com/events/1402917240025077/1432547660395368/www.lcorchestra.co.uk

Exhibition Continues: Monday 4th May – Friday 15th May




That’s all from this month’s newsletter.

CeReNeM Postgraduate Newsletter [January 2015]

Here are the recent updates from the University of Huddersfield’s CeReNeM postgraduate community:

2015-01-15 15.46.40

Kee Yong Chong

On 20 January Kee Yong had a mini portrait concert with Belgium excellent Hermes Ensemble at their new home “deSTudio” Het Kanaal (Wijnegem). (See images above and below)

2015-01-15 15.42.28

Score extracts by Kee Yong: IMG_201366045061149


Latest events from Clara Maïda

BRUNEL UNIVERSITY – London, January 15, 2015, Centre for Contemporary Music Practice. My seminar / Presentation of the series  / SHEL(L)TER. IRCAM – Paris,  January 17, 2015, SUPERFLUX and / et ENTRETEMPS journals / Psychoanalysis and music / Colloquium “Musicians’ correspondences and musical creation”, My intervention: “Shocks and knocks, analysis and catalysis”.


Motion Capture Research at Zurich University of the Arts – Seth Woods

Seth Woods will be presenting Motion Capture Research on Lachenmann’s Pression at a symposium on Gesture, HCI, Machine Learning at Zurich University of The Arts, Jan 26-28th, 2015.

Seth Woods

TEDx Conference in Costa Rica – Linda Jankowska

Linda Jankowska will be going to Costa Rica at the end of Feb to play at the TEDx conference, as a part of Mauricio Pauly’s talk. See link for details: http://tedxpuravida.org/?participante=linda-jankowska


Royal Northern College of Music Festival of Brass – Andrew Baker

Andrew Baker premiered his recent brass band work ‘atrium phase’ at the Royal Northern College of Music Festival of Brass on Saturday 24 January performed by the Foden’s Band, conducted by Michael Fowles, alongside works by Edward Gregson, Andy Scott and Bramwell Tovey. The opportunity arose as a result of the work winning the Foden’s Band inaugural composition competition in September 2014.

Further information can be found on the RNCM website: http://www.rncm.ac.uk/festivals/rncm-festival-of-brass/ Screenshot 2015-02-03 20.11.35

CeReNeM Postgraduate Newsletter [September-October 2014]

PhD Student Basar Under Awarded ‘Best Music’ at the 51st Antalya Film Festival


Basar Under has been awarded the Best Music Award at the 51st Antalya Film Festival for his music in the film ‘Song of My Mother’.

Basar speech on the night: ” I dedicate this award to the memory of my dear father whom I lost ten days ago, many thanks to jury and friends.”

The movie “song of my mother” was awarded for four categories:

best first movie (director: erol mintas)
best actor: feyyaz duman
best supporting actor: aziz capkurt
best music: basar under






The trailer to the award winning film:

The awards ceremony video can be found here: http://www.tvyo.com/altin-portakal/video/en-iyi-muzik-odulu

The movie was also awarded at the 20th International Sarajevo Film Festival for the best movie and best actor. Here you can find the info about the movie: http://ticketing.sff.ba/en/film.aspx?ID=3653&title=Song+of+My+Mother

Distractfold Ensemble awarded the Kranichstein Music Prize

DFE10Distractfold Ensemble has been awarded the Kranichstein Music Prize. They convinced the jury with their outstanding performance/work in terms of quality and impact.

Ashley Fure (Composition / USA) and the Ensemble Distractfold (Interpretation / UK) were awarded the 2014 Kranichstein Music Prize. The prize, founded in 1952, is awarded to one current composition and one interpretation presented at the International Summer Course for New Music, selected by an independent jury, comprising the music journalist Carolin Naujocks, the composer Hannes Seidl and the accordionist Eva Zöllner, as outstanding in quality and significance. In 2014 the prize sum is 6000 Euros, divided equally between the winners in the two categories Interpretation (ensemble or soloist) and Composition.

Upcoming performances by PhD student Diego Castro Magas

Diego Castro is a performer from Chile. He is a classically trained guitarist, currently championing new repertoire in both classical and electric guitar.

Diego is a third year PhD student in Contemporary Performance under the supervision of Philip Thomas at CeReNeM (University of Huddersfield). Also, he is studying electric guitar under the guidance of Daryl Buckley.

Upcoming performances:

Website: www.diegocastromagas.com

Further performances next term:

  • January 26, talk and concert in Brunel
  • Jan/Feb TBC, talk, concert and workshop in Durham
  • February 20, Electric Spring Festival (premiere of Cassidy’s The Pleats of Matter for solo electric guitar)
  • March 19, lunchtime concert in Huddersfield alongside tracensemble

PhD composition student Daniel Portelli winner of the Winston Music ECF commission

Daniel photo guitarDaniel Portelli’s performance at Soundstreams Emerging Composers Forum in Adelaide on 4 November 2014 won him the Winston Music ECF commission of $1500 for his piano multimedia work, Mapping Australia (2014). Performed by Gabriella Smart, the concert was recorded to be broadcast on ABC Classic FM’s New Music Up Late program on 29 November at 10:30pm. He was also asked to write a new work for the Soundstream Collective.

Daniel recently represented Australia as the Young Composer Representative at the Asian Music Festival 2014 in Tokyo and Yokohama from 1-7 November 2014.



CeReNeM Postgraduate Newsletter [August 2014]

FETA Prize in Sound Art 2014 Awarded to Huddersfield Alumnus Nicolas Bernier
Nicolas_wordpressWith 35 blind submissions from 8 countries in the Americas, Nicolas Bernier was selected as the 2014 winner of the FETA Prize in Sound Art for his work frequencies (synthetic variations). Full information about his award and frequencies (synthetic variations) can be found here.

Video demonstration of frequencies (synthetic variations):

Beavan Flanagan’s Grillo at Northern New Music Encounter + Commission as part of Feeding Music – Music for EXPO 2015 Competition in Milan
In addition to participating in daily roundtable discussions and leading a workshop, Beavan Flanagan will have his violin solo Grillo premiered by Mira Benjamin on the 7th of August at nu:nord‘s annual Northern New Music Encounter — a collaborative workshop hosted each year by members from one of their participating countries. This year’s festival location is Oslo, Norway. Incoming PhD candidate Mira Benjamin is co-founder and organizer of the event. Mira will also be presenting a second performance of Grillo on the 17th of August in London at LimeWharf.

Beavan has been chosen as one of 50 finalists of the ‘Feeding Music’ competition associated with EXPO Milan 2015 and will write a work for the Divertimento Ensemble to be premiered inside the Italian Pavilion of EXPO Milan. more info

Chie Tsang Lee Selected as Finalist for the Young Rapee Sagarik Competition Prize.
chietsangviolaChie Tsang Lee was recently selected as one of six finalists for the Young Rapee Sagarik Competition Prize at the Tenth Annual Thailand International Composition Festival 2014. His piece, ‘Interfusion IV-Variegation of Colour’斑驳的色彩, for viola solo was premiered at the finalist concert on June 28th at the Mahidol University College of Music, performed by Leah Gastler, and explores the correlation between Chinese calligraphic materials and musical gestures.

Chikako Morishita – New Collaborations, Estonian Premiere and CDs
Chikako Morishita together with Two New Duo starts a new project ‘Multiple Sounds and Matter’. Two New Duo is a Basel based duo by Ellen Fallowfield, a rising cellist/researcher known as the builder of Cello Map—a practical resource exploring a physical plan for producing sounds on the instrument—and Stephen Menotti who appeared at CeReNeM workshop series in 2011 as the Hübner/Menotti/Hynes trio and showed intense performances. The collaboration seeks connections and contrasts between multiple sounds: multiphonic, complex and multi-layered sounds, and matter: a focusing in on the substance and the essence of a single sound at its most basic level. The three will work in workshop phases over the summer and the resulting piece will be presented in Two New Duo’s concert program throughout Europe in the 2014/15 season.

Morishita’s new work The Silence for alto flute, bass flute and orchestra was premiered by Vanemuise Symphony Orchestra with the soloists Maarika Jarvi and Monika Mattiesen on 6 June in Tartu, Estonia, as part of the 13th Estonian Composers Festival. The festival concerts were broadcast on Eesti Raadio with artists’ interviews including Morishita’s on Eesti Televisioon.

Morishita has been selected as one of four participants for the workshop with Martin Iddon and Distractfold at Darmstadt Summer Course 2014. Her new piece for e-guitar and string trio will be developed in close collaboration with the ensemble under the guidance of Iddon, and performed during the summer course.

Two new releases from HCR and Enrou Records:

House of the sleeping beauties for five musicians, premiered by ICARUS ensemble at hcmf// 2012 from HCR

tokage for 13-koto given a world premier by Nobutaka Yoshizawa at hcmf// shorts 2011 from Enrou Records.

Alumnus Tamara Friebel Awarded Postdoctoral Position
Dr.  Tamara Friebel (PhD, 2013) has been awarded a postdoctoral position at the University of Graz. The project involves an interdisciplinary  collaboration with mathematicians Prof. Dr. Karin Baur, Prof. Dr. Gerhard Eckel and Prof. Dr. Klemens Fellner analyszing and developing new uses of mathematical structures in music and architecture. The project is funded as ‘unconventional research’ of the Karl-Franzens-University Graz for three years with a grant of €180,000.

Rodrigo Constanzo – Jazz North Commission, dfscore System, Distractfold Ensemble
DFE10Rodrigo Constanzo has recently been awarded a commission from Jazz North to complete a dynamic score software system for composing for improvisers. The first performance of the system will be on the 18th of September in Manchester at The Noise Upstairs, and will feature : Richard Craig, Linda Jankowska, Anton Hunter, Sam Andreae, and Constanzo. More information about the dfscore system can be found here.

In addition to his commission, Constanzo will be performing with Distractfold Ensemble in August as one of the ensembles in residency at the 47th International Summer Course for New Music hosted in Darmstadt, Germany.

Daniel Portelli’s Mapping Australia Undulations
Daniel Portelli’s piano work Mapping Australia (2014) for piano, electronics and video score was accepted to be performed at Soundstream: Adelaide New Music Festival. The work will also be part of the event “Playing with Fire” at the Music Now Symposium performed by the Australian pianist Tamara Anna Cislowska on the 30th of August at Performance Space, Kingswood Campus, University of Western Sydney. Daniel is also the Australian representative at the Asian Composers League Young Composer Competition at the 32nd Asian Composers League Conference and Festival, 2-7 November, 2014 in Tokyo, Japan with the performance of his piece Undulations for two soprano saxophones.

The score for Mapping Australia is in the form of a website which you can find here. Press releases for Undulations can be found here and for Mapping Austalia here.

Michael Baldwin collaborates with les trombones de bâle
After an initial workshopping session in April with Basel-based trombone quintet, les trombones de bâle, Michael Baldwin returned to Basel, Switzerland in June for the premier of his piece, this is about much more than hearing. les trombones be bâle (comprised of Kevin Austin, Stephen Menotti, Jon RoskillyMike Svoboda and Juna Winston) performed Baldwin’s piece alongside composers William Doughtery, Jon Roskilly and Vinko Globokar on June 19th at various venues throughout Basel. The ensemble will be presenting pieces by the same composers on the 12th of August at an OpenSpace showcase at the Lichtenberg Schule in Darmstadt, Germany. Between pieces, Michel Roth and Mike Svoboda will be demonstrating the mechanisms of lip-multiphonics on the trombone.

this is about much more than hearing:

CeReNeM Postgraduate Newsletter [March-May 2014]

Pedro Alvarez, hcmf// Commission and Artist Residencies in Vienna and Mexico in 2014
After finishing his PhD in Huddersfield in Feb 2014, Pedro Alvarez has had a number of international successes. He is currently Composer-in-Residence in Vienna, hosted by the Austrian Chancellery and KulturKontakt. This project has entailed performances including a sound-installation he is preparing for an exhibition with artists from around the world at the Chancellery. Dr. Alvarez also has been invited to give a Guest Lecture about his work at the University for Music and Performing Arts of Vienna in June. Other upcoming projects include an hcmf// commission to be premiered by Ensemble CrossingLines from Barcelona. From July through September 2014, Pedro Alvarez will be hosted by the Mexican Arts Council for an artistic residency in Querétaro, Mexico.

Huddersfield Postgraduate Composers/Performers in London and Huddersfield
16On the 3rd of May Huddersfield-based composer-performers Michael BaldwinAndy Ingamells and David Pocknee joined London-based composer-performers Louis d’HeudieresElo Masing and Charlie Sdraulig plus visual artist Jammie Nicholas and flautist Ilze Ikse for an evening of experimental music and art at Hundred Years Gallery in London. The concert featured brand new works from the composers, text scores from experimental stalwarts George Brecht and Alison Knowles, white noise, and a large sheet of spandex. Photographic documentation of the event can be found here.

The three Huddersfield musicians presented a subsequent concert entitled Whistles Go Woo in Huddersfield at Coffeevolution on the 10th of May featuring works focusing on whistling pieces written by Michael Baldwin, David Pocknee, Pat Alison, Any Ingamells and Lucie Vítková.

Performances from ‘Weisslich’:

Michael Baldwin – whistles whittling
Performers: Michael Baldwin, David Pocknee

Andy Ingamells – How To Explain Songs To A Jellied Eel
Performer: Andy Ingamells  Link to video
David Pocknee – Pieces From @textscoreaday and Fluxus
Performer: David Pocknee  Link to video

Seth Woods Granted Francis Chagrin Awardseth alessandrini
Seth Woods, alongside Joanne Armitage, Michael Betteridge, Ryo Ikeshiro, John Lely and Artur Vidal, has recently been granted funding through the Francis Chagrin Award. Thanks to Sound and Music’s Francis Chagrin award, Seth’s allocated funds will go directly towards offsetting the fees for acquiring the transducers needed to create his latest project in collaboration with composer Patricia Alessandrini, Bodied Chambers for Cello, Electronics and transducers. More information on the project can be found here.

‘Trying out the feedback system in Huddersfield, with Seth using only his voice and body to excite the instrument – all sound in the audio example emanates from the ‘cello and Seth’s body” (Patricia Alessandrini):

Bodied Chambers from Seth Woods on Vimeo.


Huddersfield Postgraduates Present an Installation at Huddersfield Open Market
IMG_0690On May 31st, a group of Huddersfield postgraduate students staged an installation at the Huddersfield Open Market. The installation aimed to bring sonic awareness to the everyday sonic phenomena present within the Huddersfield open market and further sought to engender a greater public engagement with the communal activity of hearing. Artists participating in the installation included Michael Baldwin, Alexander Grimes, David Pocknee, and Pablo Vergara. The Installation was supervised by Prof. Peter Ablinger. Photographic documentation can be found here.

Video of Pablo’s piece:

Chris Watson & Jez Riley French Workshops/Presentations
On the 19th – 21st of May Hali Santamas hosted a workshop with sound recordist Chris Watson and sound artist Jez Riley French. In the talks, students heard two very different approaches to field recording with some surprising, mesmerising and in some cases terrifying results.

Dawn Chorus-1On the Tuesday morning participants met up bleary-eyed at 3.15am to drive to Blackmoorfoot reservoir to record the dawn chorus with Chris Watson. Students were sent out into the woods armed with location recorders, shotgun microphones, DPAs and a parabolic reflector. Two hours later all had some great recordings of one of the best dawn choruses in the world (according to Chris) and some pretty big bags under their eyes.

That evening Jez Riley French’s ‘Score for Listening #31’ was performed by the composer together with Michael Baldwin, Elias Alvarez, Ryoko Akama, Phil Maguire and Hali Santamas. The performance was ‘one of the most successful realisations of my photographic scores‘ according to Jez. The performance was recorded and may be released as part of a free online collection of Jez’s ‘Scores for Listening’ series.

On the final day of the residency participants traveled up into the moors near Marsden and down to the canal on campus to do some field recording with Jez’s contact microphones and hydrophones. Field recordings included fence wires, under water plants and bugs.

Ensemble Discord Workshop and Huddersfield CeReNeM Composers Collaboration
The CeReNeM/Discord Workshop Collaboration was a student-initiated collaboration between composers from the University of Huddersfield and performers of Discord Workshop (students from the Manama (Advanced Master Course in Contemporary Music Performance) programme: an advanced Masters course in solo contemporary performance at Ghent Conservatory, Belgium, together with Ictus Ensemble (Brussels) and Het Spectra Ensemble (Ghent). The trans-institutional collaboration focused on fostering a creative environment for musicians at early stages in their musical careers to freely exchange musical ideas and culminated in two concerts of especially composed works in both Huddersfield, UK (24 March 2014) and Ghent, Belgium (17 April 2014). Composers from Huddersfield were: Michael Baldwin, Girilal Baars, Marc CodinaBeavan Flanagan and Chie Tsang Lee. Performers from Discord Workshop included: Nico Couck, Corey Klein, Pieter Lenaerts, Tomoko Honda and Takao Hykutome.

Michael Baldwin – this is not natural
Performers: Corey Klein, Pieter Lenaerts, Tomoko Honda

Chie Tsang Lee – ‘Interfusion V’- A Song For Herh (2014)
Performers: Corey Klein, Pieter Lenaerts, Tomoko Honda, Takao Hykutome

Phil Maguire Brings Ensemble Shackle to Huddersfield
Early May (9th-10th), Dutch improvisation duo Shackle (Anne La Berge – Flutes/Electronics; Robert van Heumen – Laptop instrument) came to Huddersfield to conduct their Converging Objects workshop. The workshop explored interaction and integration between electronic and acoustic musicians who improvise. Shackle use a computerised ‘third performer’ in their work. The system acts as a prompter, throwing up cue words that Anne or Robert improvise around. They can also veto prompts, so their music can get very hectic very fast. Shackle wrapped up their visit with a concert in Phipps on the evening of the 10th.

Diego Castro and Marc Codina Attend NUNC!
10276323_638221709600407_2131470086_nCeReNeM postgraduates Diego Castro and Marc Codina were recent participants at the NUNC! (Northwestern University New Music Conference) held at Northwestern University, USA. Castro presented his paper “Brian Ferneyhough’s Kurze Schatten II: Towards an auratic model of performance practice”, which explores Walter Benjamin’s concept of traces in Ferneyhough’s guitar piece, evaluating its possible impact upon performance. Castro also participated in an open masterclass with Ferneyhough looking at the same piece of music as discussed in Castro’s paper presentation. Marc Codina presented a paper on how the control of the graphic features of notation can ask for certain musical behaviours. In addition to his paper presentation, Codina also had a masterclass with Ferneyhough and a private tutorial with composer Jay Alan Yim.

“The New Fordist Manifesto” Residency Report
Full documentation for the New Fordist Organization’s exhibition at GEMAK, The Hague, NL between 22 April – 28 June 2013 can be found here. This publication is a much expanded and more in-depth version of the initial exhibition booklet including full works list, extended conceptual writing and comprehensive documentation of all works produced. The publication includes writings by CeReNeM postgraduate composers Andy Ingamells and David Pocknee alongside writings by Robert Blatt, Ana Smaragda Lemnaru, Miguel Peres dos Santos, Jeremiah Runnels and Leo Svirsky.

Dunkle Zeiten Wien & Membrane Domains

In Vienna, the interdisciplinary production ‘Dunkle Zeiten Wien’ merges five premieres of contemporary and electronic music with baroque compositions – all by female composers – to celebrate the new year. For this experiment Pia Palme invited composers, installation artists, electronic musicians and performers to participate in a collaborative creation process. Contemporary sonic productions, texts and performances are woven around and into ‘islands’ of Baroque music to open up new aural terrains. In her own composition for voice, percussion, cembalo, flauto traverso, viola da gamba and electronics Pia mixes baroque and modern instruments and deconstructs a baroque ‘Preludio’ by French composer Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre. The piece features mezzosporano Lore Lixenberg performing with a two-meters-high paper sculpture.

Pia Palme has just been awarded an ’Austrian federal scholarship for composition 2014′ in order to pursue further work, such as the production of her opera project ‘Membrane Domains’.

For more details jump here & here.

Seth Woods – 2013 Happenings

Over the Summer of 2013, Seth Woods was artist in residence at Centre Intermondes in La Rochelle, France where he worked with composers Aaron Einbond and Patricia Alessandrini on two new works for cello and electronics that are informed by his own research in choreography and physical processes. While in La Rochelle, Seth continued a collaboration with Taiwanese dancer I-Fang Lin and the contemporary dance company, SINE QUA NON, which is lead by dancers Jonathan Pranlas-Descours and Christophe Beranger. This collaboration unfolded into two beautiful and experimental performances that were presented in La Rochelle in August 2013.

Currently Seth is a visiting researcher in Montreal at McGill University’s CIRMMT/IDMIL Institutes working on the first phase of motion capture for his work on physical processes, as well as the first workshop phase of re-calibrating a series of digital prosthetic musical instruments* which will be used in his final PhD output.

*These instruments were originally designed by Ian Hattwick and Joseph Malloch (See: Instrumented Bodies)