Dunkle Zeiten Wien & Membrane Domains

In Vienna, the interdisciplinary production ‘Dunkle Zeiten Wien’ merges five premieres of contemporary and electronic music with baroque compositions – all by female composers – to celebrate the new year. For this experiment Pia Palme invited composers, installation artists, electronic musicians and performers to participate in a collaborative creation process. Contemporary sonic productions, texts and performances are woven around and into ‘islands’ of Baroque music to open up new aural terrains. In her own composition for voice, percussion, cembalo, flauto traverso, viola da gamba and electronics Pia mixes baroque and modern instruments and deconstructs a baroque ‘Preludio’ by French composer Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre. The piece features mezzosporano Lore Lixenberg performing with a two-meters-high paper sculpture.

Pia Palme has just been awarded an ’Austrian federal scholarship for composition 2014′ in order to pursue further work, such as the production of her opera project ‘Membrane Domains’.

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Author: Michael Baldwin

Composer / Curator / Performer / Researcher Currently based in Manchester, England. My work investigates the physicality, ephemerality, and documentation of music-making practices and bodies.