CeReNeM Journal

CeReNeM Journal is a publication platform for CeReNeM’s postgraduate community to present research in composition, performance, new music studies, music technology, improvisation, sonic arts, and software development. Articles, interviews and scores are made freely available in an online format. Each issue is curated and edited by a member of the CeReNeM postgraduate community.

CeReNeM Journal Issue Seven, December 2020 

Editor: Colin Frank

Issue 7 of the CeReNeM journal investigates human-entity interactions in contemporary artistic practice. The contributors discuss how stuff influences making in improvisation, composition, installation, and performance. Topics include object agency, sound/movement relations, transdisciplinarity, posthumanism, listening, virtuosity, aesthetics, embodied scores, virtual reality, spatial awareness, freedom, heritage instruments, tenderness, Eurologic mindsets, performer-controlled electronics, and much more.

Interactive version: https://indd.adobe.com/embed/7bd9f6d8-ccdc-4c38-977a-6c81618f74e4

Download PDF: https://cerenempostgraduates.files.wordpress.com/2020/12/cerenemjournal-issue7-pdfversion-v5.pdf

CeReNeM Journal Issue Six, July 2017 

Editor: Lawrence Dunn

Issue 6 of the CeReNeM Post-Graduate Journal contains articles about and from composers and performers across the UK, Europe and USA engaged with practice-led research. This issue focuses on the work of Christian Wolff, Michael Finnissy, Jonathan Burrows, Matteo Fargion, Mira Benjamin, and Mark So.

CeReNeM Journal Issue Five, May 2015

Editor: David Pocknee

The fifth issue of the CeReNeM Journal is an online interactive website, written, edited and designed by our postgraduates. PhD composer David Pocknee, artist Ana Lemnaru and fellow colleagues have created an innovative and beautiful platform to showcase recent research in music. This issues journal covers touch, cartography, topology, nuns, pornography, synaesthesia, membranes, desire, exploded instruments, Beethoven’s piano usage, slow-motion performance, piano destruction, Australia, Big Data and trumpets.



CeReNeM Journal Issue Four, March 2014

Editor: Dr Pedro Alvarez

Issue 4 contains articles from composers and performers across the UK, Europe and USA engaged with practice-led research. A strong thread emerges of analysis and discussion through transversal thinking across domains of conceptual representation, inscription and the performative act.

CeReNeM Journal Issue Three, November 2012

Editor: Dr Richard Glover

The third issue of the CeReNeM journal contains five articles which discuss various aspects of the temporal experience of recent contemporary music, from the viewpoints of the performer, the listener and the composer. Discussions of spatiotemporality, microtimings, temporal verticality and cyclic repetition result from a diverse range of scholarly activity, but which all reside in ongoing explorations of how we control, interpret and experience temporality in music.

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CeReNeM Journal Issue Two, March 2011

Editor: Robert Dahm

Issue Two contains articles by postgraduate composers from across the UK and internationally which examine the landscape of early career opportunities provided by summer schools, festivals and symposia and their role as a stimulus for exchange, critical reflection and training for composers and performers today.

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CeReNeM Journal Issue One, February 2010

Editors: Robert Dahm & Ray Evanoff

CeReNeM Journal Issue 1 Robert Dahm and Ray Evanoff, editors. Issue One comprises interviews, articles and scores with a focus on intersections between postgraduate research and the 2009 Huddersfield Festival of Contemporary Music.

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Issue 1 has been reprinted (previously issue 3)  as the new online, open access, peer-reviewed journal and resources hub Divergence Press. www.divergencepress.com