CeReNeM Postgraduate Newsletter [May 2016]

This newsletter is a platform for PhD music students at the Centre of Research in New Music (CeReNeM), University of Huddersfield, to share their recent music activities and upcoming work.

A special mention this month goes to Hali Santamas who recently passed his PhD. Hali primarily works with digital sound and still image, evoking memory through affective atmospheres. The maximal aesthetics of Idris Khan, Swans, Mark Rothko and Tim Hecker are key influences on his creative output which is characterised by its layered, processed and abstracted use of recorded time. His most recent creative and theoretical works explore the conceptual space and queer possibilities that arise from the temporal friction between digital sound and still image. See more at Hali’s website: http://hali.io

Elías Merino



Elías has recently released an album entitled ‘initial suppressions’ (limited signed edition 1 copy) on renowned record label Leerraum. The album will be presented on the 22th of May in multichannel, in a [ ] leerraum showcase with Zimoun, Richard Garet, D’incise, Janiv Oron, Yuzo Kako and Colliding Fields. Organised by CT::SWaM. New York City. https://www.facebook.com/events/241302709578278/

Elías also performed alongside Tomoko Sauvage at FUSE artspace (Bradford, UK) http://www.wearefuse.co/project/106/tomoko-sauvage-elas-merino/ – And performed at Medialab-Prado (Madrid, Spain) http://medialab-prado.es/article/encuentros-avlab-abril-mayo-y-junio

Upcoming performances include:

May: ‘Study #04 for Indivisible Streams’ a one speaker eliaswfs1sound installation at Sound and Sculpture Conference (Huddersfield, UK).  More info: https://soundandsculpture.wordpress.com/schedule/

May-June: ‘Hypergradients’ (in collaboration with the visual artist Esstro9) is a 2 channel audio + 2 channel video installation as a part of the exhibition ‘Estado_Abstracto’ (Guadalajara, Mexico).

June: A 10 day funded artistic residency as guest composer at EMS Elektronmusikstudion. (Stockholm, Sweden) http://www.elektronmusikstudion.se/news/2016/637-elias-merino-ems-15-25-june-2016

July: ‘The Nothing, Seeking answers: Indivisible Streams.’ A one speaker sound installation at Cafe OTO. (London, UK.), see website: https://www.cafeoto.co.uk/events/the-nothing-seeking-answers-indivisible-streams/

September: A 10 days funded artistic residency at Game of Life in the Wavefield Synthesis system (The Hague, The Netherlands).

Eva Sjuve


04-isea-main7Eva has been invited to present a research paper, “Noise in the Clouds”, at International Computer Music Conference, ICMC16 in Utrecht, 12th – 16th September 2016

Eva will also be presenting the paper, “Noise in the System: Noise in the Clouds” at International Symposium of Electronic Arts, ISEA16 in Hong Kong, 16th – 22th May 2016. http://isea2016.isea-international.org/

A recent article in the University of Huddersfield news talks about Eva Sjuve’s work at ISEA as well as another of our PhD researchers, Jung In Jung.


Rodrigo Constanzo


Rodrigo recently performed at the Borealis festival in Norway. See info: http://www.borealisfestival.no/2016/en/



Here is a blurb about the performance from the website:

Rodrigo Constanzo is all about playing some pieces for you.
He wants to play you some loud pieces, with flashing lights. As well as some quieter pieces, that are charged with a simple stillness.
Constanzo plans on using the following: a drum (maybe even a drumset), some tuning forks, an old computer hard drive, a variety of metal objects and sticks and some digitally controlled lights.
At some point in the middle you may find him singing quietly to himself. He is alone on stage, so no one will hear him.
It is unlikely that he will travel through time tomorrow (/yesterday?), but do not worry. It is (/was) all worth it.

Photos from the performance/space.




Pablo Vergara


Pablo will be participating in the summer festival “Composit 2016” ( http://composit.org/ ), in Rieti, Italy, where his piece “Ohne” will be workshopped and performed by the MDI Ensemble ( http://www.mdiensemble.com/en ), among other activities such as colloquiums, concerts and lessons.

Clara Maïda



1)  April 8-10, 2016: TRINITY COLLEGE Dublin, Ireland

International Conference “DELEUZE + ART – Multiplicities / Thresholds / Potentialities

Clara MAÏDA – Lecture – April 9, 2016: “From a Formless Ground to a Restless Sound – Virtual/Actual/Musical: Degrees of Power and Diagrams of Matter”


2) February 2016: Clara MAÏDA – Coming out of the article:

“Chocs et entrechocs, analyse et catalyse” (“Shocks and Knocks, Analysis and Catalysis ») in SUPERFLUX n° 8/9 (Review of Psychoanalysis, Editions L’Unebévue, Lacanian School of Psychoanalysis, Paris).

Acts of the colloquium MUSIC AND PSYCHOANALYSIS at IRCAM in January 2015: “Correspondances musiciennes et création musicale” (“Musicians’ Correspondences and Musical Creation”)


3) January 2016: Clara MAÏDA – Coming out of an interview with Christine FISCHER (artistic director of Eclat festival and Neue Vocalsolisten vocal ensemble) in the book published by the Kulturamt Stuttgart: “60. Kompositionspreis 2015 Stuttgart – Jubiläum 1955-2015”


Next Events:

1) June 2016: RADIO FRANCE – Alla breve

Premiere and broadcasting of Web-wave for violin, viola, prepared harp and piano, and electronics (2nd part of the series Web-studies)

Commissioned by RADIO FRANCE-Alla breve.
Residency at ART ZOYD (Valenciennes-France) and CESARE (Reims-France). Laureate of the HORS LES MURS Programme of the Paris French Institute 2012.

2)  July 11-13, 2016: UNIVERSITY ROMA TRE, Italy


Clara MAÏDA – Lecture: “Sound rhizomes – Virtuality and actualizations: music and its multiplicity of sound becomings”


3) PROXIMA CENTAURI ENSEMBLE – Marie-Bernadette Charrier (saxophonist), Bordeaux-France

Commission of Later bluffer for solo saxophone and electronics


David Pocknee & Michael Baldwin’s WEISSLICH concert series

Huddersfield PhD composers, Michael Baldwin and David Pocknee, and Bath Spa PhD composer Louis d’Heudieres have been busy running their nights of experimental music and performance art, WEISSLICH. 23 April saw them put on their 6th concert at Hundred Years Gallery in Hoxton, London, which featured performances by themselves, Ben Jameson, Neil Luck, Solomiya Moroz and Mark Knoop, playing pieces by G Douglas Barrett, Carolyn Chen, Cathy van Eck, Ben Jameson, Neil Luck, and Solomiya Moroz.


[Image: WEISSLICH’s Louis d’Heudieres, David Pocknee, and Michael Baldwin performing Carolyn Chen’s /Adagio/ at Hundred Years Gallery]

This was followed the next week on 30 April with their first concert in Manchester at Nexus Art Café, which featured works by G Douglas Barrett, Carolyn Chen, Eleanor Cully, Cathy van Eck, Louis d’Heudieres, Andy Ingamells, Solomiya Moroz, Maya Verlaak and Jennifer Walshe, and performances by Baldwin, Pocknee, d’Heudieres and Andy Ingamells, Solomiya Moroz, and Maya Verlaak.

The next WEISSLICH will be on 23 July back at Hundred Years Gallery. More information on the events and featured artists can be found at http://www.weisslich.com