CeReNeM Postgraduate Newsletter [April 2015]

As always there has been plenty of activity within the CeReNeM post-graduate community. While this newsletter only represents a part of what goes on at our University, it does show the depth and scope of the work produced here. Below you will find the details of the recent achievements as well as upcoming talks, performances, successful grants, installations, details of new compositions and collaborations in a range of diverse areas. Contributors to this month’s newsletter include: Pia Palme, Linda Jankowska, Clara Maïda, Diego Castro Magas, Jung In Jung, Jorge Boehringer, Eleanor Cully and Daniel Portelli (me!).

We also welcome the release of the fifth issue of the CeReNeM Journal edited by David Pocknee. Editors of submissions were done by David Pocknee, Beavan Flanagan & Braxton Sherouse, graphic & web design by Ana Lemnaru, with contributions from Michael Baldwin, Eleanor Cully, Beavan Flanagan, Alex Grimes, Phil Maguire, Pia Palme, David Pocknee and Daniel Portelli.

Link to Journal: cerenem.ricercata.org

News from Composers:

Pia Palme

In March, Ute Wassermann premiered her piece ‘Patterns to punctuate song, with darkness’ for voice, electronics and a scenic element, commissioned by the renowned festival Salzburg Biennale. The festival had a focus on vocality this year. The scenic element is a punchcard score, which she made during the compositional process. It defines action with a throat microphone which Ute is handling during the piece.

Pia has been working on a another work with EXAUDI and Laurence Crane as part of the Portfolio opportunity. Pia says she has enjoyed working with them and that the piece is evolving. The second rehearsal and workshop phase is in April, in London. Pia wrote: “I find it interesting to have so much time to work on something, to be able to put a sketch aside and then resume the compositional process, to be able to try out things before finalising the piece.”


Linda Jankowska

“Its fleece electrostatic” video has been selected as a finalist of The Engine Room International Sound Art Competition and will be presented in the exhibition. The prize winners will be announced at the private view on the 11th of May. The public exhibition takes place at Morley Gallery, London, from 12 May – 12 June 2015.  For links to the video visit her website: http://lindajankowska.com/news/ – and for more information about The Engine Room see: http://www.morleycollege.ac.uk/morley_gallery/whats_on/2473_morley_gallery_the_engine_room


In May Linda will be going to Chicago to work on a project with Katherine Young. This trip was enabled by the Santander Student Mobility Scholarships available to support short study visits to other institutions, particularly those in the QS Top 500 or those in the Santander Global Universities Network – http://katherineyoung.info

Linda will also be giving a talk for the Composition Colloquium at Northwestern University, on the 26 May, along with Professor Aaron Cassidy who will give talk on 19 May.

Clara Maïda

Clara received a Berlin Senat Composition Grant, for her project Lostery, with Theo Nabicht, for contrabass clarinet, electronics and a visual installation. The composition and realization of the installation is by Clara Maïda.

A new performance of Clara’s work Doppelklänger will be performed on April 25th, 2015, for solo prepared and amplified piano Fabra&Coats – 22:00 – Piano: Lluïsa Espigolé at the Mistur Festival in Barcelona – http://mixturbcn.com/en/programacio-2015/ – Individual courses are available for young composers, with master classes for composition.

Clara will also be the guest professor of composition at Escola Superior De Musica De Catalunya, in Barcelona, 2nd semester of 2015 – http://www.esmuc.cat/

Diego Castro Magas

On the 20th February, 2015 Diego premiered Professor Aaron Cassidy’s The Pleats of Matter, for solo electric guitar at Electric Spring Festival in Huddersfield. 

Diego also gave a paper about Walter Benjamin’s concept of historical time in Brian Ferneyhough’s guitar music at the Orpheus Institute, Ghent, on February 25-26 2015.  The context of the seminar was: ‘The Making of Musical Time: Temporality in Musical Composition and Performance’. He also played Ferneyhough’s Kurze Schatten II for solo guitar. More info: http://www.orpheusinstituut.be/en/events/the-making-of-musical-time-temporality-in-musical-composition-and-performance

And on April 23rd, 2015 he gave a Lecture-recital in University of Leeds: On Brian Ferneyhough’s Kurze Schatten II and its ‘auratic’ quality in interpretation and performance – http://music.leeds.ac.uk/events/music-research-seminar-diego-castro/

Jung In Jung

Jung’s dance and sound collaboration ‘Thermospheric Station’ was selected to be part of xCoAx 2015 conference, titled: ‘Computation, Communication, Aesthetics & X’ and will be held on the 25-26 June in Glasgow. Professor Monty Adkins will also be presenting an installation work. Below is some information about the conference:

“xCoAx is meant as a hub for the exchange of ideas and the discovery of interdisciplinary and international synergies, with the participation of a diverse confluence of computer scientists, media practitioners and theoreticians working on the frontiers of digital arts and culture. Our focus has always been on critical and stimulating intersections: between the computable and the uncomputable, the communicable and the incommunicable, the chaos of creativity and the rules of algorithms, the human and the machine, in a constant search for new directions in aesthetics” – http://xcoax.org/

Jung In Jung

Jorge Boehringer

Jorge’s solo project (Core of the Coalman) continues to evolve and unfold with recent performances at Wharf Chambers in Leeds, and very special performance at Fuse Gallery in Bradford celebrating the opening of the exhibition Canvas, in which he performed a set of entirely new compositions for solo performance on a variety of electronic and acoustic instruments.

A small selection of recent drawings, sculptures and sound art works will be exhibited beginning May 4th in Huddersfield’s Unit 9 Gallery in the Market Walk Arcade.  This is part of a group show including other artists from the area, some of whom also attend CeReNem: Beaven Flanagan, David Pocknee, Eleanor Cully, Charlotte Cullen, Kashika Ashley Cooper, and Dex Hannon also will showcase recent work in this show. The exhibition, Discrete Positions, lasts until May 14.

This summer promises several concert appearances and the presentation of new works as a solo performer and in collaboration with others.  May 1st is the first concert of a new duo project with Eleanor Cully.  Festival Romance presents a songs about whales, warewolves and milkmen in a fictive folk tradition, and will open up a concert for Cathy Heyden, Roger Smal, and local electronic musician Daniel Thomas at the cavernous Todmorden Unitarian Church.  May 14th and 15h see Jorge performing solo in Manchester and Bristol, and then in June the following dates are confirmed for a concert tour featuring the Irish Band Woven Skull with whom Jorge is a frequent collaborator.  Jorge will perform on these dates both as a soloist and with Woven Skull.  Local musician Sofie Cooper will also perform on these concerts:
5th June – MANCHESTER, Fuel Cafe with Jon Collin
6th June – GLASGOW, The Old Hairdressers
7th June – EDINBURGH, Henry’s Cellar Bar
8th June – GATESHEAD, The Old Police House
10th June – NOTTINGHAM, Rammel Club, The Chameleon Arts Cafe
11th June – TODMORDEN, Golden Lion. Woven Skull “big band” supporting Eternal Tapestry
12th June – BRADFORD, Fuse Art Space

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Daniel Portelli

Daniel has been commissioned to write a new piece for an Edgar Varese honorary concert, where he will write for the same  instrumentation as Ionisation, to be performed in Barcelona in February 2016.

His recently completed choir and ensemble work Animal (2015) had its world premiere at the Samstag Museum in Adelaide, Australia on the 16th April, 2015.

Art and Performances in Huddersfield

Discrete Positions presents an assemblage of Huddersfield-based artists working across different media including sculpture, site-specific installation, painting, drawing, sound art and performance who have come together through the shared space of NYA’s Huddersfield studio to present their individual works within the context of a collective exhibition. In doing so they will generate reflective exchanges, beginning a conversation between different concepts and practices and initiating critical dialogue across Huddersfield’s rich spectrum of artistic activities.

Featuring: Kashika Ashley Cooper, Jorge Boehringer, Charlotte Cullen, Eleanor Cully, Beavan Flanagan, Dex Hannon and David Pocknee.

The opening day will feature a free lunch time concert from the London Contemporary Orchestra Soloists beginning at 1.30pm, on the 4th May. The LCO Soloists draws together principal players from the London Contemporary Orchestra for intimate performances of contemporary chamber music. This performance will feature string players Galya Bisengalieva, Mira Benjamin, Robert Ames and Gregor Riddell as soloists and together in a string quartet. The performance will explore an eclectic mix of sounds and styles to complement the Discrete Positions art exhibition – https://www.facebook.com/events/1402917240025077/1432547660395368/www.lcorchestra.co.uk

Exhibition Continues: Monday 4th May – Friday 15th May




That’s all from this month’s newsletter.