Seth Woods at NIME2014, INTER/actions Symposium Bangor and concerts in Brussels and New York

Seth WoodsSeth Woods together with instrument builder and researcher, Ian Hattwick (McGill University, CIRRMT/IDMIL) will present the proceedings from workshops and residencies at CIRMMT in Montreal, CA as well as a performance of a new work that come out of the residency period of October 2013 and April 2014 at the NIME Conference 2014 in London in late June 2014.

Almost Human: A Performance for
Prosthetic Instruments,
and Electronics

Almost Human insinuates a partially living being, but in
this case it describes a hybrid performance of cello and pros-
thetic digital instruments. Cellist/mover/researcher Seth
Woods is interested in the analysis of the instrumental ges-
tures used in cello performance and the use of this analysis
both for pedagogy and as material for the development of
an extended personal gestural repertoire. This composi-
tion by Ian Hattwick for prosthetic instruments, cello and
electronics is informed by extensive work with dancers, and
Woods’ behavioural and physical gestures. In this composi-
tion Woods uses the cello to provide the prosthetic instru-
ments with both sonic material and gestural inspiration.
Almost Human demonstrates a multitude of instrumen-
tal possibilities for both instruments and questions the idea
of sonic activity and explores areas of choreographic pro-
cesses and instrumental gestures.

Further Activities:

In March, Seth gives performance and workshops at Bangor University in Wales for the INTER/actions Symposium including Patricia Alessandrini’s Bodied Chambers (2014) and Sebastian Rivas’ Uqbar (2006) for cello and electronics. He also plays Alessandrini’s work at Goldsmiths, University of London on March 14

He is also gearing up to perform Peter Maxwell-Davies’ Vesalii Icones (1969) for solo cello, dancer and ensemble with ICTUS Ensemble and Fellows in Ghent, BE with conductor Daan Janssens from Ensemble Nadar. In May, Seth returns to NYC as a featured artist for the NY SoundCircuit series to present the three commissioned works that came out of his doctoral research by composers George E. Lewis, Aaron Einbond, and Patricia Alessandrini.


Author: Michael Baldwin

Composer / Curator / Performer / Researcher Currently based in Manchester, England. My work investigates the physicality, ephemerality, and documentation of music-making practices and bodies.