Introducing Prof. David Canter, MRes candidate in composition

Prof. David Canter

David Canter is Professor of Psychology at The University of Huddersfield, directing the International Research Centre for Investigative Psychology, which he brought from The University of Liverpool in 2009, where he is now an Emeritus Professor. Although he is most widely known for creating the new field of Investigative Psychology as a scientific development from his activities in ‘offender profiling’ (described in his award winning book Criminal Shadows) he actually started his career as a psychologist in The School of Architecture at Strathclyde University, having published the seminal book The Psychology of Place in 1977.  

He found his way into architecture from a general interest in the arts (having had some exhibitions of his art works over the years) with an underlying fascination with music and many unschooled attempts at composition over the years. This fascination is illustrated in  a paper he presented called ‘Action and Place: The Existential Dialectic’ which was organised around a Bach Suite ! He also composed a string quartet that explored the relationship between Psychology and the Law which was played after his keynote address to a international conference on the same theme.

After many years of composing as a sideline for various amateur groups he has at last taken the opportunity to enrol for a part-time postgraduate research degree in composition within the Centre for Research in New Music at Huddersfield (working with Dr Bryn Harrison).

Prof. David Canter has written this short article: Getting Played where he recalls the experience of hearing his compositions performed for the first time as part of a COMA Summer School and reflects on the relationship of apprentice composers to their compositions.