Pia Palme at RAFLOST, Iceland as composer and improviser

Icelandic festival RAFLOST, an annual festival of electronic media taking place in Reykjavik, will present Austrian Pia Palme both as a composer and improviser. Her new work LIP OF THE REAL for voice, percussion and live-electronics will be performed by Icelandic vocalist Heiða Árnadóttir on May 24th. The electronic part makes use of a throat-microphone activated by the performer. Sounds made with closed mouth are transmitted via radio and processed to create an audible space around the voice, which maps fictitious mind-activity of the vocalist. The setup for this piece was designed by the composer to create a compositional layout which would audibly and visually express structural movements of human mind. The 30 minute piece was developed during Pia’s research for her PhD in biotic and contemplative aspects of contemporary music with Prof. Liza Lim, and first performed in March 2012 by Lore Lixenberg in Vienna. On May 19th Pia will join an ensemble of improvisers with contrabass-recorder and live-electronics.