Tamara Friebel at Sound Thought, Glasgow, March 2012

Tamara Friebel will present her work hula hoop. I’m out of breath. all for you together with Annabel Carberry at Sound Thought, Glasgow, March 2012.

Tamara says: ‘This piece (for hula hoop dancer, voices and live-electronics) looks at the concept of giving until it hurts: pushing oneself to exhaustion, for the sake of the gift – that artistry is achieved.  What is the subsequent tension that is created between the giver and the receiver, in this case, the audience? To what extent do artists push themselves for the audience, for the “gift” and how much is the journey for their own fulfilment limited by the constant desire to impress in a world where there seems to be an ever increasing demand to be entertained. Annabel, as a hula-hoop dancer creates an environment which triggers the live-electronics:  wind velocities and breathing from her hula-hooping – pushing herself to a limit, to a point of exhaustion – feed a live-impulse which affects a score written for voices.’

Tamara is a participant in IEM Graz: The Patterns of Intuition (POINT) an arts-based research project funded by the Austrian Science Fund at the Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics (2011-13). She is currently working towards a PhD supervised by Prof. Liza Lim & Prof. Monty Adkins. Her doctoral project is: Morphologies of the Self: Embodiment, Associative States and the Dissociative Self in the Tzoztil Metamorph.

architectural design, Tamara Friebel