Chikako Morishita chosen to write for Icarus Ensemble

PhD candidate Chikako Morishita has been selected as a participating composer in the European Composers’ Professional Development Programme 2012 delivered by Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival in partnership with the Nieuw Ensemble, Icarus Ensemble and Ensemble 10/10.

The programme enables young composers to work with a leading international contemporary music ensemble over the course of the year. Chikako has been offered the opportunity to write for Icarus Ensemble (Flute, Clarinet, Electric-Guitar, Bass Cuitar, Accordion, Sampler, Percussion + Conductor) and invited to workshops in Reggio Emilia (Italy) in March and June. Her new score for the ensemble is going to be premiered on 21 November 2012 as part of hcmf// and published by University of York Music Press.

She says: ‘In recent works, I have explored the idea of ‘fragmental composition’ with the focus on the performers’/audiences’ memory architecture’. Video performances of her collaborative work with Heather Roche (clarinet) and Timothy O’Dwyer (saxophone) created in November 2011 in Finland as part of her residency at HIAP (Helsinki International Artist Program) will be exhibited this March at Tokyo Wonder Site (Tokyo, Japan).