Lee Chie Tsang receives awards in Taiwan and Singapore

MA(res) student Lee Chie Tsang has been awarded a prize (one of six best) in the chamber category (Western + Chinese instruments) of the Taiwan Music Center‘s International Composition Competition 2011 for his work Interfusion III -Hui- ( 溶III -惠- ) for bass flute, Soprano Sheng (mouth organ), Pipa & Harp. The premiere will take place in July 2012. He has also been selected as one of the candidates for the Asian Contemporary Ensemble Commissioning Project 2012. Workshops and performances will take place as part of the National University of Singapore Arts Festival in March 2012. Chie Tsang says about his project:

As a Malaysian composer, I am always being influenced and inspired by the multi-cultural: languages as well as cultural behaviours in my music composition. The process of working with ‘hybrid’ cultures as a transforming ‘mother tongue’ is giving me such a great inspiration and energy. Through this, the identity of my musical language which has been based on a Chinese idea of ‘the single note’ will no longer to be a single object but it will carry and mix new concepts from Malaysian culture (Chinese, Malay, Indian cultures). For this project in Singapore, my composition will explore a story about a traditional ritual ceremony from Sabah, Malaysia bringing together the ACE ensemble (for flute, alto sax, violin, cello and piano), a professional storyteller and contemporary dancer interacting with elements that are highly programmatic in nature.’


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